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Horrible Hollywood Casting Couch Stories

Celebrities work all of their lives at their particular craft in order to garner fame and fortune. When it comes to auditions, this is the chance to shine and hopefully get the job that will launch your career. For the following celebrities, they had a few twists when they tried to get a job. Some people use their position in order to put you in a position that you do not want to be in. Let’s take a look at these celebrities who have made it past their horrible ordeal when it came to getting a job.

Tyra Banks is Accused of Working Her Way to the Top

Tyra Banks had her beginnings in the world of modeling and fashion. She has worked her tail off to make it to where she is today. Along with fame comes criticism and a host of other things. It is said by one person that Tyra had to do certain things in order to make it to where she is today.

Karrine Steffans is a well-known model among other things. She is said to be the very best at another thing. What I can say is this: that she has “super” attached to her name, nothing more, and nothing less. Karrine Steffans accused Tyra Banks of doing “favors” when it comes to climbing up the ladder of success.

Courtney Stodden Hooks up with Doug Hutchison

Actress Courtney Stodden began her career as an actress at the tender age of 16. Her sweet sixteen became somewhat of a controversial story as she got into the business because of an actor by the name of Doug Hutchison. Doug Hutchison is a character actor who may not be an A-list celebrity, but he has been associated with one huge controversy that has haunted his career.

Courtney Stodden met Doug Hutchison in an acting class. His career was established as Courtney was just trying to get her foot into the door. Doug ended up marrying Courtney. Doug is 34 years older than Courtney and it is believed that she got her start in show business because of her marriage to Doug.

A Tape Can Make You Famous

Farrah Abraham is a lady who has the look of a super model. She seems to be the perfect fit for any modeling shoot or acting role. Farrah has actually appeared on several reality television series, namely 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Being on these reality television shows has given Farrah some exposure. She has gone on to appear in something other than a reality show.

Farrah would later end up doing another appearance on camera. It is not a reality show, but what she did is real as reality can get. She just happened to appear in an adult themed movie. It just happened to surface somehow. Farrah denied that it was her at first, but she got her foot into the door when she said it was her and even hired the male performing in the film. She sold the tape to Vivid for a million dollars and some rights to the video.

Lil’ Kim Gave a Little to Get a Lot Out of the Music Industry

Lil’ Kim is one famous rapper. She rose to fame during the ’90s in the time after cassettes and compact discs and before mp3 and iPod players. She is from New York, where it is said that the art of hip-hop originated. There are a lot of famous hip-hop artist from New York such as the late Notorious B.I.G. and Method Man just to name a few of them.

How did Lil’ Kim get to the top of the hip-hop industry? There were rumors that she had relations with the Notorious B.I.G. These accusations were proven to be true. Lil’ Kim would later reveal to Wendy Williams that she did indeed have relations with the Notorious B.I.G.

Kendra Wilkinson and the Bunny Hop to the Top

Kendra Wilkinson has done something that a lot of women have not done. That will be revealed in just a second. She is a model, but she has never been a centerfold in Playboy Magazine. She has however made some appearances in the Playboy reality television series known as The Girls Next Door. Kendra Wilkinson certainly seems like the girl next door to some, but she was much more to a certain gentleman wearing a smoking jacket who resides in the mansion.

Kendra Wilkinson revealed on a game show based in the UK that she did some fooling around with Hugh Hefner while she was one of his “girlfriends.”

Susan Sarandon’s Horror Story of Assault

Sometimes things take a turn for the worst. There are several horrible stories that go beyond having relations and are just downright disgusting. Some of these casting couch encounters turn violent and end up turning into physical assaults.

Such was the case of the Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon. She was just starting her career when she was literally assaulted by a man. Susan Sarandon revealed the details in the November 2012 issue of Elle. Susan Sarandon told Elle magazine about a casting couch horror story that occurred in New York City. She tells Elle magazine, “I just went into a room, and a guy practically threw me on the desk. It was my early days in New York, and it was really disgusting. It wasn’t like I gave it a second thought. It was so badly done.”

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