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5 Terrifying Images Children Should Never See

Dark woods, the thought of something coming up from behind you, or clowns? Then you’ll definitely only want to check out these terrifying images and their back stories — but only in the daytime. They will surely make you want to look behind you twice.


Joseph ‘The Cannibal’ Metheny

Joseph was a serial killer who admitted to at least eight murders dating back to 1976. He would lure “workers of the night” into his apartment, where he would dismember them and freeze their meat for consumption. He later operated an open-pit beef stand where he would serve the meat of his victims.


Creepy Image Taken While Visiting “The Rock”

A British couple, Sheila Walsh and her boyfriend, were visiting the Alcatraz (AKA “the rock”), taking an audio tour. Sheila snapped a photo of the empty visitation block window. It wasn’t until she looked at the photo on her iPhone that she noticed the figure of a woman, dressed in what looked to be 1930s or 40s clothing. Comparison shots in the video show that the image in the window was not Sheila’s, or anyone visible’s, reflection.


Tar and Feather Victim

In case any of you ever wondered, this is what a victim of a tarring and feathering looked like. It was a terrifying form of public humiliation. After the victim is stripped down to his waist, the mob proceeds to paint the victim with pine tar (which does not burn) then pitches feathers or forces the victim to roll in the feathers until they stick. As a final indignity, the mob chases/parades the victim through the streets.


Filarial Worm

The Filarial Worm is a parasite that can live in your eye. Filarial Worms are most commonly transmitted by mosquitoes. They are highly known to cause what’s commonly known as “River Blindness.” These terrifying parasitic creatures, which travel to the lymphatic system, are also responsible for the condition known as Elephantitis.


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