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5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Was Genius To Skip the Debate

If you sat down to watch the Republican debate last night, you may have noticed one big, orange thing was missing that night. Donald Trump, as you no doubt heard, skipped out on the debate. But for the Donald Trump campaign, it was actually a pretty smart move. Here’s why.

It Took Attention Away From the Other Candidates


Using Veterans Was a Smart Ploys2

It Shows He’s Above the Election

By refusing to take part in the debate, Donald Trump has actually played into a very important idea: he looks like he’s above the election. Already a political outsider, he has attracted many of his supporters for appearing like he’s too good to play the rules. This strategy actually worked really well for another notable Republican back in the day: Ronald Reagan, who ended up winning the Republican nomination.s3

Donald Trump Wanted to Humiliate Megyn Kelly and Fox News


It Keeps Him From Actually Talking About the Issuess5

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